As a kid, one does not always appreciate the finer things in life; delicious, precious things such as olives, wine, single malts, strong coffee and even tobacco you only start to appreciate when you’re done trying the “new” stuff you just had to have before. In time, you start to question the sense of the products you consume – and that’s exactly what happened to me.

I had a happy childhood, my parents allowed me to race road and cyclocross and I had the opportunity to do so on Eddy Merckx frames, how lucky can a kid be? But honestly, at that time, that was quite normal in Belgium and I took this intense and magnificent craftsmanship for granted. I also took racing in Belgium for granted back then; I wanted to jump of cliffs with high-tech suspension bikes instead of gasping up the “Muur” in Geraardsbergen.

But I never forgot about my Merckx bikes, and fortunately I could still hold on to them. In the meanwhile, I evolved from a racer into a designer (staying a rider!), only then to notice that I was mainly designing bikes and parts for the explicit demands of the market.

Stijncycles was founded out of a very selfish reason; I wanted to ride the bikes that no one offered – I never intended to have a brand of my own – I just longed to put all my ideas and my experience from riding and working in this industry into these frames and create the best possible compromise with today’s materials and technologies. (to enjoy the ride that is)

In that sense, I feel I’ve been working on stijncycles for over 15 years already & I have no intention to stop – I will ride bikes as long as I can. Cycling gave me so much, stijncycles is also giving it back…

Our frames never meant to be stylish, trendy, classic or whatever – if anything – they are efficient and functional; they just make sense. Every choice of material and design has a well thought out reason; in order for you to enjoy your ride even more and never get tired of it.

ps; I believe any bike is a good one, and that the fastest guy will always win – still I want to make my frames as good as they can get.

August 28, 2010