The MIKE – 29er

It’s a mountainbike. Using 700c wheels. Yet more fun than ordinary 29ers.

The MIKE eliminates the geometric disadvantages of 29ers. Its super short chain stays give you fast cornering and stability, while the super low SC stem supports steep climbing and control when you need it most. For XC single speeders as well as rough enduro riders.

stijncycles the MIKE

-will be available as a frame and a built kit, because I came up with some extras:
*SC super low stem (currently 90mm but maybe making a 65mm version as well)
*SC hub + 10s cassette; 36-9 (!). Because the gear range is almost same as XX or XTR – the MIKE doesn’t need a front derailleur.

SC stemGeo data (as much I want to tell right now)
*super light custom steel tubing
*suitable for 80-120 mm forks.
*Head angle will vary from 68-70°
*low BB
*long reach
*short stack
*short chain stays (405 – 415 adjustable. min 399 horizontally)
*up to 2.4″ tires
*single speed – as well as rear derailleur compatible (built-in tensioners)

Expect to see some more action pics soon… :)

Background Story;

I am always eager to try new stuff but even through the years, I’ve never ridden a 29er I liked; the chain stays were too long and bars too high – on top, they all just felt slow. Maybe because of my past as a downhiller, I always felt the contras were too big compared to the pros of a 29er.

stijncycles the MIKE About a year ago, my buddy Mike Dziewior tried to convince me to make a 29er – he’s the owner of the Chile Bike Shop in Morelia, Mexico and has some rocky, gnarly trails to go with it. Mike and some of his customers were testing similar bikes, both 26″ and 29″ and keeping track of lap times, heart rates etc… Basically everybody got faster on 29ers, especially after riding longer.

That might be obvious to some – still, it was unthinkable for me to just accept the contras. So I didn’t and came up with a different way.

Also big thanks to Mike Dutton for his help and support!

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