SC is not dead,

merely on ice. For now. Thank you for the many requests on stijncycles still received untill today – as some of you know I gave priority to family, moving across the globe and other projects s.a. riese und mueller, IFmove, Nabiis A2 a.o. (Several motorcycle injuries also didn’t help) SC will one day be the … More SC is not dead,

Introducing the MIKE !

It’s a mountainbike. Using 700c wheels. Yet more fun than ordinary 29ers… Find out more on our product page, and expect to find some better (action) photos soon! Also check some previews here! Twenty Nine Inches :: Eurobike 2011: The Beginning (English) Lesewitz-Blog :: EUROBIKE-SPEZIAL (German) Dirty Pages :: Special: Eurobike 2001 deel 2 (Dutch) … More Introducing the MIKE !

stijncycles WTF?!?

I can’t blame anyone for asking that question. The short answer is that SC will be available soon, without compromising. The longer version of the answer is that I am very demanding and don’t wanted to sell anything below my expectations. After all, my name is on there and in my opinion there’s no point … More stijncycles WTF?!?

Dank U wel!

Thanks everyone, for letting us feel exhausted and with a sore throat after the Eurobike show :) Thanks for your support, we’ll do our best to answer your emails and requests asap! Eurobike snapshots coming up in a bit as well…


Welcome to our updated website & thank you to those who have been waiting! Despite the tremendous response since we introduced stijncycles last year, it took us some time to get things ready. Because we believe one should do things only when one can do them right! Having great products ain’t enough. Please come witness … More EUROBIKE 2010!